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Chart Pool USA stocks a complete line of recording charts and pens or we can make a custom chart for you.

Recording charts perform the dual function of providing a graphic display at the point of data collection and a permanent record of these data or events for future validation. The display and recording of data and events pertinent to tracking operations or conditions such as process control, temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, current, natural gas flow, motor truck operation and many other parameters is an important activity. Recording instruments are designed to produce high quality information and charts must be of an equally high quality to preserve the information.

Recording chart types vary according to the instrument they are designed to fit.  General types are strip (roll), dial (circular), fanfold and rectangular. Graphic displays take several forms. These include
ink writing, heat sensitive, pressure sensitive and electro sensitive.

Reliability criteria include stability of the paper under varying humidity and the consistency of its surface when specially prepared to accept ink. Drive hole size and spacing are critical, as well. To assure reliability, we use the finest paper to manufacture our charts. This means our charts will not "soak" even if the pen is stationary for a prolonged period of time. Our heat sensitive paper is extremely sensitive and produces a clean, sharp image–even on the lowest temperature settings–and has an imaged shelf life of over 10 years.

Chart Pool USA manufacturers the finest circular recording charts available. We are sure you will agree after putting them to work for you.

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